Madeline Coronato is a New York based actor, playwright, and creative. Originally grown on a farm in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, this country mouse decided to shake the dust off her feet and move to the Big Apple.

            There she studied Acting in Pace University’s International Performance Ensemble program where she learned to create original works collaboratively and was able to travel and perform abroad in Spain. During her time abroad, she made it her mission to travel all on her own to 9 different countries and three different parts of Spain.

           While in college, “Maddie” played all sorts of ambitious characters in conventional processes such as The Tragedy of Julius Caesar (Brutus), Conversion (Andrea Minos) and Dance Nation (Sophia), as well as plays that derived from collaborative processes such as Epicac (Pat Killgallen), Skia (Genevieve) and Employee of the Month (Sadie).    


             Madeline is most interested in playing and writing feminine characters that are multifaceted, intelligent, resilient, vulnerable and loving. She intends to work on stories that explore intimate, hopeless, romantic couples as well stories that deep dive into female rage.

              When Madeline is not acting, you can find her profoundly engrossed in a podcast, cheerily helping out customers at Trader Joe's or gregariously interviewing strangers in the parks of Manhattan.