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           Madeline Coronato's life has had a bit

of a country mouse to city rat trajectory,

as she is originally from the lush country side of Hunterdon County, New Jersey and moved to the ever busy, greasy streets of New York City.

            In NYC, she studied Acting in Pace University’s International Performance Ensemble program where she learned how to create original works collaboratively. Through her major, she was able to study abroad and traveled to 9 different countries and three different parts of Spain.  


             Madeline is most interested in creating feminine characters that are multifaceted, intelligent, playful, resilient, vulnerable and loving. The stories Madeline intends to work on include intimate love stories as well stories revenge fantasies that deep dive into female rage.

              When Madeline is not acting, you can find her profoundly engrossed in a podcast, managing a dance company abroad or gregariously interviewing strangers in the parks of Manhattan.