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            Wherever there is excitement, you can count on Madeline Coronato to be there! 

             Whether that be her family's farm, complete with bleating bovines and dirt under the fingernails or solo traveling through an array of different cultures and countries in Europe, Madeline Coronato thrives with adapting to any environment she is in. That being the case, it seemed only fitting for her to go to school in New York City.

            During her time in NYC, she studied Acting in Pace University’s International Performance Ensemble program.  In collaboration with her peers, she acted, wrote and produced original works. Since graduating, she has only grown and evolved as a storyteller, actor and filmmaker


             In the past year, Madeline has starred in different film projects such as the Firefly Lane Spinoff Pilot: "The Mayor's Daughter", Empty Worlds and A Step by Step Flirtation Guide for Socially Inept Girls

             On a Candid Life Entertainment Production, The Escort, she worked as the Assistant Director.

             For one month, she worked as a tour manager for Selby Artists Management, in the Netherlands. 

            Last month, she worked as the Executive Producer, Casting Director and Co-Writer as well as starred as the Co-Lead in  A Step by Step Flirtation Guide for Socially Inept Girls.

              Asides from the farm, and the best city in the world, Madeline's favorite place to be is on set. She loves the playful, meaningful and deeply engaging atmosphere, as well as the amazing community, that comes with being on set. She is determined to do whatever it takes to continue to work on set whether that be through her work as an actor writer or producer. Furthermore, for every set that she is on, she is dedicated to making that on-set experience as fun, hardworking and inclusive as she possibly can!

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